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"Personal, Professional Eye Care"

Today, eyewear is part of one's fashion wardrobe. Men and women of all ages have taken what was once considered a hindrance of one's appearance to new heights.
Man smiling with eyeglasses in Wappingers Falls, NY
Many famous people and fashion designers have created complete eyewear lines. After Dr. Sheehy's vision exam and a prescription for corrective lenses, shop our vision center's offerings of the top lines of today's glasses.

Contact lenses now come in beautiful and natural appearing tints to change your eyes to any desired color. The new lenses are not only attractive but also more comfortable than ever.
Man smiling with eyeglasses in Wappingers Falls, NY

Call today to make an eye care appointment at our Wappingers Falls office for a vision check by Dr. Mary Rita Sheehy. Afterward, you can shop our extensive eyewear offerings.