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Nearsightedness, the inability to see far away, and farsightedness, difficulty in seeing close objects, are by far the most common vision problems. Wappingers Falls optometrist Mary Rita Sheehy, O.D., can diagnose these issues and prescribe contacts or glasses. Her office carries a full line of today's latest styles.
Little girl with eyeglass in Wappingers Falls, NY
Many children have vision problems. Some are apparent, such as problems with eye muscles that may cause the child's eyes to appear crossed or not track equally. Other vision problems are not as easy to diagnose and treat, requiring an experienced eye professional like Dr. Sheehy.

A very young child may have no idea they can't see properly, or if they do, they may find it difficult to explain. Any vision problems need to be helped as much as possible before the child attends school. Dr. Sheehy can help a child or toddler see the world with the best possible vision, using corrective lenses or eye exercises or other treatments.

Every diabetic must have a thorough annual examination of the retinas. Don't risk the loss of your vision due to undiagnosed diabetic retinopathy. This condition is a real risk for every diabetic. The exam is quick and painless, allowing Dr. Sheehy to see the status of your retinas and their blood vessels.
As we age, certain conditions may become a threat to our vision. An eye health professional like Dr. Sheehy can conduct exams for the presence of cataracts, macular degeneration or other dangerous conditions. Many of these problems can be helped. The earlier a diagnosis, the better the chance for successful treatment.

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